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Manicure Services


Be more beautiful and stylish with our manicure service. Take the time from your busy schedule to help your nails look their best.

1/ The Basic$25

Nail cutting, shaping, cuticle care, massage, and color of your choice.

2/ Collagen CBD $40

Basic manicure combined with warm neck pillow, collagen CBD gloves, CBD sugar scrub, 5 minutes massage, paraffin wax and color of your choice.

3/ Coconut Honey Milk $45

Basic manicure combined with warm neck pillow, coconut warm milk soak, honey-infused hand mask, exfoliate coconut sugar scrub, combination massage with hot stone in 5 minutes, paraffin wax and color of your choice.

** Additional Gel/Shellac polish 22$, and 25$ for Dip

4/ Gel/Shellac polish on natural nail only $45

Pedicure Services


All kinds of Pedicure come with removal polish, cutting, shaping, cuticle care, pumice stone foot scrub, massage and regular polish.

Add Gel Polish$19

1/ Basic Spa $40

This is perfect for quick relaxing & limited on time. It’s come with Epsom salt soaking, sugar scrub and moisturizing lotion.

2/ Relief $50

An extend spa pedicure which plus:
• Infused mud mask.
• Your choice of two mixed sugar scrub scents.
• Callus remover gel.
• Combination of 7 minutes massage with hot stones.

3/ Coconut Honey Milk $60

An excellent choice for you to pamper your dry skin. It’s naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to keep the skin nourished, firm and hydrated. Included:
• Coconut milk foot soak.
• Coconut mud mask.
• Honey sugar scrub.
• Callus remover gel.
• Paraffin wax.
• Combination of 10 minutes massage with hot stones.

4/ Organic Ginger Sparkler$65

Organic Ginger is our invention for a unique pedicure experience. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress. It promotes your health, blood circulation, and anti-aging. As well, the natural treatment warms up your feet during the wintertime. Included:
Ginger mud mask
Ginger Sugar Scrub
Callus remover gel
Paraffin wax
Combination of 12 minutes massage with hot stones

5/ Muscle Balm Treatment $75

The balm is a topical over-the-counter pain reliever that contains ingredients such as camphor, menthol, cajuput oil and clove oil. It’s helps relieve muscle pain. Includes:
• Peppermint warm foot soak.
• Tea tree mud mask.
• Mint and tea tree sugar scrub.
• Callus remover gel.
• Paraffin wax.
• Combination 15 minutes Balm massage with hot stones.

6/ Asian Traditional Treatment $77

Herbal foot soak is an Asian ancient practice from past till present. It is carefully selected from 12 kinds of herbs, mixing effectively to promote blood circulation, detoxification, eases aches and soreness from muscle pains. Includes:
• Foot soaking with 12 differences of blended herb.
• Warm neck pillow.
• Black tea infused mask.
• Special mixing Herb sugar scrub.
• Callus remover gel.
• Paraffin wax.
• Combination 17 minutes massage with hot stones.

7/ Enchanting Collagen No.5 $82

Aromatic and feminine ! Experience this luxury perfume with the ultimate sophistication. Perfect for dull and dry skin, moisture protects skin cells and slow the rate of wrinkle - causing damage. Includes:
Enjoy the special gift we give you in the services
• Warm neck pollow.
• Collagen Bubble crystals
• Collagen cream mask
• Collagen sugar scrub
• Collagen muscle - relaxing gel
• Collagen massage lotion
• Callus remover gel
• Paraffin wax
• Combination of 20 minutes massage with hot stones.

8/ Golden Lavish $87

Created for who love having the luxurious experience to get your feet pampered. The Golden Mystic treatment stimulates cells growth, gold flakes enhance skin glossiness, and mud mask providing skin with essential mineral. Including:
• 24K Gold foot soak powder and come with warm neck pillow.
• Golden Mystique mud mask.
• 24K collagen sugar scrub.
• Intense callus removal.
• Golden body butter and cream massage.
• Collagen Golden socks.
• Combination 20 minutes massage with hot stones.

9/ Cannabis Oil $95

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. Providing relief for anxiety, depression. It also helps improving sleep. Including:
Enjoy the small gift we treat you.
• CBD sea salt soak.
• CBD infused mask.
• CBD exfoliation sugar scrub.
• Callus treatment.
• CBD collagen socks.
• Combination 22 minutes CBD Oil massage with hot stones.



Acrylic full set $57+

Acrylic fill $50+

Dipping Services

Dipping Services

Dip On Natural Nail Only$47

Dip On Natural Nail Only with Take Off$50

Dip Full Set$54+

Additional Service


*Add gel polish on toes.......$19

Polish change hand $15

Polish change toe $20

Gel/ Shellac polish on toes only $45

Paraffin Treatment $10

Collagen Treatment $15

Callus Treatment $12

Cuticle Trim $5

Gel/ Dip take off only $12

Acrylic take off only $16

French tip $7+

Design $7+

Ombre $15+

Chrome Pigment $20+

Nail repair $7+

Cat eye$10+

Kid's Services


For Kid from 12 year old younger

Pedicure $32

The services includes: removal old polish, cutting, shaping, sugar scrub, 5 minutes massage. Finish with your choice of polish and simple design (flower/or polkadot).

Manicure $20

Polish Change Toe/Hand $15



We're committed to making you comfortable, both through friendly, straightforward service and the very best waxing products available.

Upper Lip $8+

Eye Brown $15+

Chin $10+

Side Burn $15+

Full Face $45+

Under Arm $30+

Lower Arm $40+

Full Arm $50+

Chest $45+

Back $45+

Upper Leg $45+

Lower Leg $50+

Full Leg $70+

Bikini $45+

Brazilian $60+

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